3 Essential Tips for Good CRM

Logical Processes:

The customer views their interactions with you from their side of the fence. Their interactions must feel part of a logical process and deliver an end to end experience. Businesses all too rarely take this ‘outside in’ view. Also, implementing CRM enables a business to critically examine it’s current processes before codifying them.

Client Analysis:

The more you know about a customer, the more they expect you to ‘get it right’. Businesses have been extremely poor at leveraging their customer data to improve their overall performance whether in product development, process improvement, sales targeting or operational management. Excellent analytics have to be core to the business. Technology has been deployed to cut costs and target high value customer segments.

Client control:

Technology is an enabler to offer self service, & put the customer in control, for all customer types. The critical aspect is using it to make the services accessible to customers when they need them.

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